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Permanent Schedule

Monday 6:30am and 9:30am Flow at Shining Light

Monday 6pm Flow at Green Monday Studios (starts April)

Wednesday 4pm Unwind & Relax and 6pm Slow Flow at Shining Light

Friday 9:30am, 4:30pm and 6pm Flow at Power Living

Saturday 8am Flow & 9am Slow at Green Monday Studios (starts April)


You can listen to a FREE full body relaxation here on Insight Timer.


“Rosie’s yoga classes are imbued with such depth, presence & intention. Her inner state really eminates, allowing myself, the student, to go deep into my feeling body. I have been attending Rosies classes for 12 months now, & the energy she provides really allows me to go into my body, & out of my mind. It feels so safe in there with her. Rosie is so dedicated with her students & this really shows in every class. I have experienced her care & attention many times. Three words to describe Rosie as a teacher.. 1) Intentional 2) Present 3) Mindful”

~ Jacqui

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending Rosie’s Slow Flow and Yin classes at Shining Light Yoga. Her teaching style is both strong and gentle, often felting holding the space in difficult postures with her presence in breath, sometimes not needing to say anything – absolute magic! Curated to ambient electronic music and mixing wisdom with asana, I walk out of class feeling more at home in my body again”

~ Bec

“I’m not a morning person, but jumped on a New Year’s resolution in 2019 and found myself at Rosie’s early morning Monday class. I’d lost consistency in my personal practice a few months after completing my own yoga teacher training, and was seeking inspiration. Over a year later, and miraculously, I’d still rather be in the studio with Rosie at 6:30am than in bed. I’ve attended as many of her classes and workshops as possible. In these workshops, Rosie uniquely combines her understanding of modern psychology with ancient yogic practice. She’s truly a gifted teacher with an innate ability to hold space, allowing each attendee to feel accepted and understood. I urge you to seek out Rosie’s classes and workshops, as she’s genuinely an exceptional facilitator”

~ Honey

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